This business was made solely for educational purposes in association with Virtual Enterprise. All purchases will not be refundable or exchangeable.

What we do

Are you looking for a top-notch merchandising company whether it be for an event you're planning or promotional items for you business? Here at Spartan Designs, we provide top quality, hand made products that will meet all of your needs and desires. We pride ourselves in our products and our promise to provide 100% satisfaction or we will offer a full refund or exchange. Our products are made of the most natural fibers and each order is customized and personalized for each customer. We have designed a world class website that provides easy  navigation and a smooth ordering process. Our team of professional seamstresses will hand-embroider any text or image on any item you want. By choosing Spartan Designs, you are ensuring that you are getting a high quality product, at an affordable price, that is hand made with love.

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